Is this what you hear from telemarketers half the time you pick up your telephone?

In the battle between telemarketers and their victims, everything, including technology, is fair game.

Avinta Communications offers the TriVOX, a phone call gateway system that keeps unwanted callers from ever reaching your phone.

The TriVOX module, when used with the answering device you probably already have, can screen your calls before it lets your phone ring.

You can be assured that when your phone rings it is someone to whom you wish to talk. You'll be rid of unwanted callers, obscene phone calls, and telemarketers. The best part is that you won't even know that they have called!

TriVox VN100 Module 




How does it work?
The TriVOX system enhances your phone line. Every caller will be greeted by the answering machine (auto-attendant). By dialing your "secret"  code, actually an extension number, the authorized caller can bypass the greeting and ring your phone.

Because this number is controlled by you, you have control over who gets through to your phone. Because it's an auto-attendant, callers that don't know your extension number can simply leave a message. You can get back to them at your convenience.

Telemarketers and other unwanted callers will hang up because they can't get through. The "secret" code number can be changed easily  if you find it's been over-distributed.


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