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TriVOX Set-Up for "Unwanted Caller" 
Main Phone & Multiple Phone Extensions

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1)   Verify that you only have one active phoneline (number). If you have 2 numbers or more active, contact Avinta Tech Support ( for further instructions.

2)   To verify that you have two pair of copper wire at each phone wall jack, insert a 2-line Splitter at the wall jack for the main phone. Connect the 2-line Splitter's L1 jack to the L2 jack with a phone cord. At other wall jacks where you want phones protected from "Unwanted Callers", connect a phone to the L2 jack of a 2-line Splitter at those wall jacks. Listen for a dialtone in the phone handset. If you hear dialtone, you have two pair wiring to this jack. 

3)   Leave a 2-line Splitter into phone wall jack at each extension phone location to be protected from "Unwanted Callers". 

4)   Connect the line cord from the main answering machine  to L1 of the 2-line Splitter at the main phone wall jack.

*** IMPORTANT *** 

5)   Set the TriVOX S/P switch  to "S" (secondary). This allows only calls that dial your "secret" code to ring the phone.

6)   Plug the LINE cord from the TriVOX module into your main answering machine's "phone" jack. 

7)   Insert a Duplex Adapter to the VN100 PHONE+DATA jack (Duplex Adapter is not the same as 2-Line Splitter).

8)   Connect the line cord from your Main phone to the Duplex Adapter inserted in the VN100.

9)   Connect a phone cord from  the Duplex Adapter to L2 of the 2-liine Splitter at the main phone wall jack. 

10)  Connect the line cords from your other extension phones to L2 of the 2-line Splitters at the wall jacks. 

11)  Now the phone extensions will only ring when your "secret code" extension number is dialed, not when the Telemarketer calls. 

12)  Distribute your secret code to authorized callers. 

Additional Parts needed for this set-up
A.  2-line Splitters - one for each wall jack where phones are located
B.  Duplex Adapter - for the TriVOX VN100
C.  Phone cord - to reach from the Duplex Adapter inserted in VN100 to the main phone's wall jack.

Available at phone accessory stores such as RadioShack. 





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