Advanced Diagram "A"

 TriVOX Set-Up with Caller ID

 Set-Up Diagram Instructions

1.  Plug your Caller ID Box "Line" cord into the wall phone jack.

2.  Plug your answering machine "line" into your Caller ID Box

3 . Before connecting to power, set your "secret  code" extension number with the rotary dials on the TriVOX VN100 module with the included small screwdriver.  


 4.  Set the TriVOX S/P switch  to "S" (secondary).  This allows only calls that dial your "secret" code to ring the phone. 

5.  Plug the LINE cord from the TriVOX module into your answering machine "phone" jack. 

6.  Plug the telephone "line" cord into your TriVOX module PHONE+DATA jack. 

7.  Distribute your secret code to authorized callers. 

              Now you will have "Peace at Home".


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