Avinta's TriVOX 

  • A dPABX (distributed Private Automatic Branch eXchange) Phone Network Module for Home or Small office

    No New phones, no new wiring and no additional phone numbers needed. 
    Self-Installable! Appear to be a large business to outside callers!
    Can be used to Stop Unwanted Callers (click here to see how)
    Avinta Communications' TriVOX Series of products provides the ability to network  multiple  existing phones over existing phone wiring, into a dPABX complete with Transfer, Intercom, and Conferencing.
    TriVOX consists of a simple module (VN100), which connects to your standard phone wall jack, and any standard telephone you wish to use.
    You set the extension number you wish for that location and you are ready to go.
    No special phones. Use the ones you have, corded or cordless. No special wiring or additional lines needed. Connect up to 12 phone extensions on one line. One TriVOX module needed for each extension.

    All dPABX commands are entered from the phone dial pad at an extension or from the outside call phone.

    Incoming calls can be directed to a desired extension by including the extension numbers in the answering machine greeting. This creates an auto-attendant function.

    Extensions can be set to ring on all calls, or only calls that dial that extension number.

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