Data NETwork System
  • Create a NETwork among computers over your existing phone line, which allows for simultaneous voice, data, and/or internet access, on one phone line.
Voice NETwork System
  • Create a NETwork, among phone devices that allows vocal coordination for work groups, tutoring, or multiple player gaming.
Personal PBX System
  • Transfer calls between phone locations, to project a professional business image or make multi- extension households more efficient. 
Multi-Computer Station 
NETwork System
  • The TriNET system allows multiple computers to transfer data, or connect to the internet with one connection account, simultaneously over existing phone lines. 
Multi-Computer Station 
File-Sharing System
  • The TriNET system allows you to share files between computer locations over existing phone line. 
Multi-Computer Station 
Peripheral Sharing System
  • The TriNET system allows multiple computers to access one printer or one scanner, etc.
Multi-Computer Station 
Interactive Game-Play 
Voice & Data System
  • The TriNET creates the ability to have simultaneous interactive multi-player game play over the same phone line, as well as voice communication among players. 
Multi-Phone Station 
Intercom System
  • The TriNET system allows you to intercom from any to all extensions on the same phone line.
Multi-Phone Station 
Conferencing System
  • The TriNET system allows for multi-station conferencing within the same phone line, or with incoming caller, among any or all phone extensions.
Multi-Phone Station 
Call Transfer System
  • Calls can be transferred from any to all phone or device extensions, within the same phone line network.
Multi-Phone Message 
Mailbox Capable System 
  • The TriNET system can create separate mailboxes for each extension, when used with answering devices. 
Capable System
  • The TriNET system can be used in conjunction with an Answering Machine, Fax Machine, or Computer Communications software, to create an automatic receptionist. Calls can be transferred automatically to any extension, answering machine, fax machine, or computer. 
Voice Coordinator System 
with Computer NETwork
  • The TriNET System allows for voice communication, simultaneous with Computer networking activity , between phone stations. Talk about work or games, while sharing the computer data in a network. W orks simultaneously , on same phone line, with Home PNA data technology systems. 





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