Avinta Technology License: TL100                    
U.S. Patent # 5,596,631

  • This technology enables dPABX (distributed Private Automatic Branch eXchange) functionality to a phone instrument or other product application into which it is incorporated. The fundamental core is a simple method of "addressing" extension numbers which can be used to network phones for voice activity.
  • Transfer, Conference, and Intercom become active for all TL100 powered phones or other applications in a voice network over a single phone line. Additional safeguards such as barge-in alerts and new call alerts are built-in to the architecture of the technology.
  • Avinta Communications has already successfully incorporated TL100 technology into several different types of telephones including Caller ID feature phones, Cordless phones (900 MHz and 2.4GHz) as well as a free standing modular unit.
  • For more facts about TL100 technology and the basic features and benefits visit the TriVOX  product section on the Avinta website  The VN100, which is the core of the Avinta TriVOX model, has TL100 built-in.
  • TL100 technology is also compatible with data networking protocols. TL100 enables voice networking simultaneous with data networking within the LAN. 
  • For more facts on TL100 used with data networking, visit the TriNET product section on the Avinta website. 
  • When TL100 is applied in broadband service environments it can enable the dPABX among phones without regard to the platform on which the voice signal is being distributed. This makes it especially valuable in today's high speed broadband environment with the emerging VoB (Voice over Broadband) platforms that are developing.
  • For more facts on TL100 and Avinta's overall architectures and strategies, visit the Phoenix Project section of the Avinta website.

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