October 8, 2002 

Sunnyvale, CA  

Avinta Communications Announces

New Patent Approval Regarding Integrated Communications


Sunnyvale, CA – Avinta Communications has announced receipt of their first patent approval since the inception of the company in 1999. The patent, numbered US 6,456,633 deals with the prioritizing of digital voice transmissions, over data services, while using the same transmission medium.

As digital service enters a house, a specific amount of bandwidth is available for use in both voice and data transmissions. Today, the two would be "fighting" for service in the traditional CSMA/CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection) mode. We would thus have to deal with a poor quality of voice due to constant interference by the data operations. According to the Avinta patented strategy, the system utilizes an optimal mix of FDM (Frequency Division Multiplexing), TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), and CSMA/CD technologies, to guarantee voice transmission with high quality, while data signals still receive acceptable services.

Voice channels and bandwidths will always have guaranteed quality up to the amount of service available. The grade of data service may be impacted by voice traffic volume, but can be controlled by simply reducing the use of digital bandwidth for voice purposes. In other words, this is a system with the primary goal of delivering voice communications, but it is extremely flexible in its usage.

This unified digital multiplexing system is applicable to transmission media with restricted channels. What this means is that even with very limited bandwidth, a Dual Area Network (DAN) for integrated voice and data can still be set up on power or telephone lines, allowing for maximized channel utilization.

Conventional digitized voice requires 64Kbps (Kilobits per second) digital signal to deliver successful transmissions. With a technology offering up to 10 MB of throughput, it has enough bandwidth to support up to 7 pairs of conversations occurring simultaneously over one single pair of phone line. Significantly more voice channels can be allocated for transmission technologies with high speed.

This technique can also maximize channel utilization of any wide band transmission facility, such as radio wave, coaxial cable, or infrared systems.

Avinta’s patent is a breakthrough considering the dramatically increased quality of voice services that can be offered due to the use of this technique. It will make digital voice lines more appealing to the consumer sector, as it will be comparable to analog service. Voice communications have traditionally been dependable, and Avinta has found a way to migrate those important characteristics into the new age of digital technology.


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