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September 5, 2002
Sunnyvale, CA


Avinta Communications Harnesses

Voice over Broadband with PETS

Sunnyvale, CA - Avinta Communications has now demonstrated a working Avinta PETS (Plain Enhanced Telephone Set). The PETS is an AvintaNET enhanced standard telephone set that can access both analog and digital broadband channels (voice and data), from the same single pair copper wire phone connection.

PETS features dPABX (distributed Private Automatic Branch eXchange) functions (intercom, transfer and conferencing). The dPABX features can be used between PETS over either the analog channel or the digital channel, simultaneously and independently.

A built-in data interface (USB, Wireless or other) for networking PC's and Internet sharing completes a unified voice and data network ideal for the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) environment. The PETS uses a TCI (Telephony Computer Integration) design rather than CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) to dramatically simplify the operation for the average user.

PETS is the first consumer friendly instrument designed to use digital voice services as provided by broadband technology without additional wiring in the premise, while still maintaining a high level of QoS (Quality of Service). The QoS aspect has been an impediment to the rollout of broadband voice services by the carriers. To date most broadband connection applications have been for data purposes, except for limited voice service rollouts by some cable operators.

The development of PETS completes the building blocks for AvintaNET architecture. By providing clear demarcation AvintaNET reduces the troubleshooting expense for the service provider. It improves the consumer's experience with broadband by integrating both voice and data networking into a single familiar instrument.

With PETS, complete broadband services can easily be harnessed and used by the average consumer. This represents a potential for bottom-line financial improvement for the service providers. AvintaNET architecture can reduce truckrolls significantly for the carrier. Current VoB rollout requires more pairs of copper wiring to accommodate the additional phone numbers. Even in "pre-wired" environments, this requires someone with telephone wiring knowledge to set-up the inside premise connections.

Carriers can fill subscriber needs for additional phone numbers by simply activating the service from the central office without a truckroll. Since all services are delivered over single pair copper wire to every outlet, the provider and consumer do not need to deal with premise wiring.

With this plateau reached, Avinta Communications is now inviting telephone manufacturers to develop the consumer version of PETS and is actively seeking investment partners. Avinta Communications is a four-year-old system engineering company specializing in SOHO voice and data networking technologies and architectures


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