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May 1, 2002
Sunnyvale, CA.


TriVOX Reduces Roommate Tensions

and Saves Cost of Multiple Phone Numbers

Avinta Communications’ TriVOX can relieve the tension between roommates due to sharing a phone line.

TriVOX is a phone networking device for creating PBX functions among telephones on the same phone line. It uses your current phones without any new wiring, and gives each phone the convenience of intercom, call transfer and conferencing functions. Unique extension numbers set on each TriVOX, in a multi-person residence, allow privacy and independence. Individual voice mail boxes can be set up at each extension using answering machines with TriVOX. One answering machine can be designated an auto-attendant. The auto-attendant greeting can direct calls to specific extensions. Using TriVOX ringer setting option, the user can choose to have phones only ring when an extension is dialed or ring on all calls.

Each person receives all of his or her messages because the mailboxes are separate. In addition, only the owner of the ringing phone will answer calls at their personal extension. The extension also allow for immediate indication of who the phone call is for, depending on which phone rings. This eliminates the need for running to the phone at the same time to answer it. Since the ringing can be isolated to the single phone extension, other residents may not even know the phone has rung and thus won’t be interrupted when they need privacy.

TriVOX also functions as a call screener, preventing telemarketers and other unwanted phone calls from disturbing the residence. If extension numbers are kept private, security is top notch. Someone without a specific extension number will not be able to get thru or ring any phone. New callers, however, will have a chance to leave a message. For privacy reasons, extension numbers can be changed as often as necessary.

Custom installation work is not needed. If you can plug in a phone to a phone jack, you can install TriVOX. TriVOX will work with very inexpensive phones and answering machines as well as highly featured phones.

A single TriVOX can be purchased for $69.95. TriVOX is also available in a 2-Pack (TriVOX 2) for $119.95. For more information on TriVOX applications and where "To Buy" visit the Avinta website at


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