Press Release
November 19, 2001
Sunnyvale, CA.

 TriVOX Stops Unwanted Callers

Avinta Communications' TriVOX product stops unwanted calls from telemarketers or other nuisance calls from reaching your phone.

Don Wellington, VP Sales & Marketing, explains;

"TriVOX is actually a phone networking device for creating PBX functions among telephones on the same phone line. During the aftermath of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, the news was reporting that "scam" artists were calling people with phony charity donation schemes. Avinta realized that TriVOX when used with a common answering device, can keep such calls from even ringing the phone."

TriVOX and an answering machine can create an "auto-attendant" behavior to a caller. A secret code (technically an extension number chosen by the user) is set on the TriVOX module. Only callers who have your code can ring through to your phone, by dialing the code number upon hearing the greeting.

An added benefit is that TriVOX makes connections easier for desired callers. For example, friends and relatives can call from anywhere without being restricted to a recognizable telephone number which is an implied limitation of utilizing Caller ID service.

Set-up is easy. Choose two simple settings on the TriVOX module. Then plug the answering machine into wall jack, plug the TriVOX into the answering machine, plug the telephone into TriVOX module and you are ready to go.

Don continued:

"One major advantage of the TriVOX method is that the user does not have to be pro-active (hanging up), and doesn't need to be uncomfortable dealing with the intrusive caller. The user does not even know the call came in."

TriVOX can also be used in multiple modules, to create a PBX like phone network on a single phone-line. This is an enhanced phone system for multiple person residence, home office, dormitory or small office applications.

Avinta Communications designs and markets technology specializing in voice and data networking. More information can be found at Avinta's website, TriVOX sells for $69.95. See "To  Buy" on the Avinta website.

Visit Avinta Communications Inc. at the International Consumer Electronics Show January 8-11, 2002 Las Vegas, NV., Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth M 18449, New South Hall #4


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