Press Release
November 19, 2001
Sunnyvale, CA.
 Network Not Just Phones, Not Just Computers, Both!

Avinta Communications in Sunnyvale, CA has developed a unique product that combines computers and telephones in a network at a low cost. AvintaNET technology is ideal for residences and small businesses with multiple phones and computers. Avinta's TriNET model gives you the convenience of PBX functions for phones and data networking functions for computers in a "one-box" solution.

A busy residence, dormitory or shared apartment with several computers and multiple phones are ideal environments. Interactive games can be played over the network. The voice network has intercom, transfer and conference between extensions. The data network enables file transfer, simultaneous Internet connectivity and peripheral sharing. Work sharing and messaging between PCs can be enabled with applicable software.

Starting a business at home or in a small office environment is much more economical using TriNET. With only one phone line, multiple phones and computers can be connected in a fully functional network.

Avinta's model TriNET includes the TriVOX dPABX voice network and the HomePNA. data networking system. Because the network works on one phone line, it eliminates the need for new wiring for phones or new cables for computers. AvintaNET does not require complex software.

Professional installation is not needed. Phone and computer networks are user installable, plug and play. For more information and other Avinta products, visit the Avinta website at

 A single TriNET sells for $119.95. TriNET is available as a 2 - Pack (TriNET 2) selling for $219.95.  See "To Buy" on the Avinta website.

Visit Avinta Communications Inc. at the International Consumer Electronics Show January 8-11, 2002 Las Vegas, NV., Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth M 18449, New South Hall #4


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