Press Release
November 19, 2001
Sunnyvale, CA.

A Better Phone Network
for Residences and Small Offices
Avinta Communications in Sunnyvale, CA has developed a phone network product that enables the residence or small office to enjoy the features of a PBX without the complex installation or expense of traditional solutions.

TriVOX from Avinta uses your current phones without new wiring. Each phone with a TriVOX module has the convenience of transfer, intercom and conferencing functions. Unique extension numbers set on each TriVOX, in a multi-person residence or small business, create a "room" or "office" location.

Individual voice mailboxes can be set up at each extension using answering machines with TriVOX. One answering machine can be designated to act as an auto-attendant. The auto-attendant greeting can direct calls to specific extensions. Using TriVOX's ringer setting option, the user can choose to have phones only ring when an extension is dialed or ring on all calls.

TriVOX will help a busy household with lots of teenager phone activity. A call to your son or daughter can go directly to their extension without ringing other phones in the house. This reduces messages on the family answering machine. The kids receive private messages on their own personal answering machine. There is no need to add another phone number or wiring to the house.

TriVOX will reduce the cost of starting a small business from your home or small office. TriVOX can be used on one phoneline with unique extension locations for different rooms or work areas. An answering machine's auto-attendant greeting can direct calls to different departments (Shipping, Sales, Finance, etc.), just like a business that uses a PABX and voicemail system. The outside world will perceive a large professional business.

Custom installation work is not needed. TriVox plugs into the phone wall jack and the phone plugs into TriVOX. TriVOX will work with very inexpensive phones or highly featured phones.

For more information on TriVOX applications including  "Stopping Unwanted Callers", visit the Avinta website at

A single TriVOX sells for $69.95. TriVOX is available as a 2-Pack (TriVOX 2) selling for $119.95.  See "Where to Buy" on the Avinta website.

Visit Avinta Communications Inc. at the International Consumer Electronics Show January 8-11, 2002 Las Vegas, NV., Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth M 18449, New South Hall #4


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