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Avinta Communications Inc. Introduces Historic Technology for Merging Voice and Data Networking in Standard Telephones - Telephony Computer Integration (TCI)


Avinta Communications Inc. is launching their second and third generation of technology products combining Voice and Data Networking at CES 2001, January, in Las Vegas.

With the initial acceptance of Avinta's modular line of products; TriVOX and TriNET, Avinta has now moved to the next generation of AvintaNET products, featuring multi-line technology and a proprietary technology which merges the Voice and Data networking coordination point into the telephone set, rather than the computer. This is directed to the average user who may not be comfortable with the complexities of a computer directing their voice communication.

Dubbed Telephone Computer Integration (TCI), Avinta's approach reverses the idea of using the computer as the control point for a telephone and/or data network.

Abe Chen, COO and Founder of Avinta Communications states;  "The large market for the Home and Small Office Voice and Data Network product has been identified for several years. However, the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution and centralized PBX networks have not proven user-friendly for the mass market. Avinta uses the traditional telephone instrument to coordinate the networking functions for both Voice and Data. The result is to make the PC a peripheral to the phone. This provides the end-user with a familiar device to control a complex network.

The Avinta technology works on existing phone lines and with existing phones. The new generation products allow a phone manufacturer to incorporate AvintaNET technology into a traditional corded or cordless phone. The third generation technology completes the progression and provides a phone which will enhance broadband connections for the end-user as well as provide the dPABX and Data network merger.

Don Wellington, Vice President of Sales & Marketing adds:  " With our AvintaNET Plus technology, a consumer will be able to easily and quickly benefit from the xDSL, Cable, Wireless or Fiber Optic connectivity, with a user installable Voice and Data Network. The phone plugs into the existing phone line, the computer plugs into the phone and all the advantages of the high speed connection are accessible; simultaneous internet connectivity between computers, dPABX network among the phones, access to the digital voice channels from DSL or other broadband formats. This is accomplished without any expensive centralized hardware, and with little complex computer set-ups."

Abe Chen concludes: "We know where the Operating companies are heading with their priorities. We see the communications manufacturers developing their "Gateway" solutions to be implemented at the connection point of the home or office. Avinta focuses inside the premises to provide the average consumer a quick and easy plug-in phone and data network technology which will not be obsoleted, and can work with the planned "Gateway" products."

Avinta Communications will be demonstrating their solutions at CES from Jan 6th - 9th, 2001 in Meeting Room M-21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Visit their website for more information

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