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12-4-99 Mt. View, CA - Avinta Communications Inc. Announces Delivery Of The 
World's First Voice NETwork and Personal PBX Product For Home or Small Office.

Tyrone Huang, President and CEO, Avinta Communications Inc., announces the initial delivery of TriVOX, a communications technology product, which enables full PBX capabilities to a SAN (Small Area Network) of Phones and Phone peripherals for the Home or Small Office.

States Tyrone Huang;
"Avinta Communications, utilizing a proprietary engineering Patent, has developed a product, 
TriVOX, capable of transferring calls to extensions, relaying messages, intercom functions, and NETwork access to Phone peripheral equipment, including fax machines and answering devices."

TriVOX is an easily installed, external component which can expand an existing multi-phone Residential environment or Small Office environment, into a flexible and functional phone and personal PBX NETwork, using existing phone wiring.

TriVOX will allow the NETworking of up to 12 different phone and phone peripheral extensions (one component per NETwork extension), as well as additional devices outside the NETwork, on a single existing phone line.

TriVOX replaces the need for a KSU, PBX, or alternative systems costing far more. TriVOX models will start at less than $100.00 retail.

In addition, Avinta Communications has created the TriNET Model series which combines the TriVOX product for Voice NETwork, with the HomePNA technology for Data NETworking over the existing phone wiring. By combining both Voice and Data NETworking, Avinta creates a one product NETworking solution for the residence or small business.
The TriVOX and TriNET model series are available for shipment immediately, in No. America.

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