Avinta Communications' Participation in 
the FTC's "Do Not Call" Registry Proceedings

The Federal Trade Commission is currently preparing to decide on some very important issues regarding it's Telemarketing Sales Rules (TSR) which is designed to protect consumers from unwanted telemarketing calls. Avinta has decided to be involved, as a public service effort, because we feel that consumers should  have the ultimate control  over whether to receive unwanted calls or not. Due to recent technology advancements to "Stop Unwanted Calls", we believe that many tools are already available for consumers to effectively eliminate this problem without an expensive government effort.  

As a contribution to this consumer protection issue, Avinta has submitted a "Comment" to the FTC and has requested to attend the June 5-7, 2002 Public Forum.

Click on the following link for a PDF version of the complete "Comment" submitted to the FTC and posted on their website.

(Acrobat PDF File 28K)

(Acrobat PDF File 2.3M)

Avinta became involved in this effort partly due to the fact that our TriVOX product can be used as an effective "Stop Unwanted Calls" device. TriVOX actually enables a  dPABX (distributed Private Automatic Branch eXchange) network similar to that of a large company PBX.  TriVOX performs an effective, non-confrontational "Stop Junk Calls" service to residential and small business owners, just like a conventional PBX does for a large business.

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