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1. Does it work with Caller-ID?
Yes!  (It must be a stand-alone caller-ID device)  Just connect the standalone Caller-ID device between the wall outlet and the standalone “auto-attendant” answering machine. (click here for diagram)

2. How can I use the TriVOX with my existing combined telephone and answering machine?
You need a standalone “auto-attendant” answering machine.  You may use your combined telephone and answering machine to serve as an additional voicemail box in case you are truly not available to receive the phone call. (click here for diagram)

3. Your diagram does not tell me how to connect the rest of my extension phone(s), and, in fact, the rest of my extension phone(s) still ring.
There are 3 possible solutions:
a) Turn-off the ringer of all the extension phone(s).

b) If you have a more than a single pair of phone wiring inside your walls, and all outlets are wired for 2 lines, then you can use a 2-line splitter. (click here for diagram)
c) You may purchase additional TriVOX units to establish unique extension numbers for each extension phone. (click here to go to TriVOX)

4. Why do I need an “auto-attendant”?
In order for our TriVOX to block the unwanted callers, while giving an opportunity to let your friends and relatives enter the “secret code.”  That is why we need the “auto-attendant” to go off-hook and make the announcement. 

5. Can I use the TriVOX with my phone company’s answering service?
NO, but the good news is that with TriVOX setup you can eliminate your phone company’s answering service and its associated monthly fee. 

6. Can I change my “secret code” once I have set it?
YES! You may change your “secret code” at anytime; unplug the 12V AC power connector; change setup; and then reconnect the 12V AC plug into TriVOX.

7. Will TriVOX work with a cordless phone?
YES!  It sure does.

8. What else can TriVOX do? (click here to find out)



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