Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How many VN100 can be installed on one phone number line?
For optimum performance 12.

2.  What is the maximum distance for the VN100 network for optimum efficiency?
About 1000 ft. (measured by phone wiring length) which is more than enough for an average home or small business

3.  When dialing  #99 for Ring-All function, why is there only one ring on the extensions.
This is to prevent triggering an answering machine when someone is not at their extension. The blinking red LED on the VN100 lets you know someone is dialing Ring-All. If you wish to have the continuous ringing, you can set the VN100 P/S switch to P position.

4.  I have the TriVOX in my home and I want to conference a person at another extension in my home after making a call out. What should I dial?
Dial ( # ) ( * ) and the 2 - digit extension Number ( NN ).

5.  Can I get to another extension when one does not answer?
Yes, you can dial  ( # NN)  to get to another extension. 

6.  I have a fax machine. How can I network it?
If it is a fax and answering machine combination, it can be plugged into the same line as the voice network, without a VN100. Then it can be used as an auto-attendant and fax machine. If it is a regular fax machine, a VN100 is  needed just like another phone. Whoever wants to fax to you can dial your number first and wait for the greeting. Then dial the extension number for the fax machine to respond and receive the fax.

7.  I am on an intercom or conference call with others in my home and someone calls in from outside. What should I do?
You will hear the beep and you need to hang up in order to receive the incoming call or the incoming call will leave the voice message in your auto-attendant answering machine.

8. I dialed a call on intercom to another extension in my home. I changed my mind and redialed an alternate extension. What happens to the initial extension's ringing cycle now?
The ringing station will stop ringing in several ways:

    A. After one ringing cycle, TriVOX's  built-in Caller Abandon detector will stop the ringing, if such an event is detected. Due to varying telephone line conditions, this may not work in some cases.

    B.  The ring cycle can also be stopped by dialing a ( # ) from any phone that is on the same telephone line. Note that this signal is automatically generated as part of dialing another station's number. 

   C. The TriVOX VN100 module has a build-in timer that rings 30 seconds then stops, if no one answers.

9.    My two phone numbers are in separate phone jacks. How can I connect it with the TriVOX VN100?
You can purchase a 2-line splitter or a 2 outlet modular adapter from a telephone accessory retailer.

10. My wall jack is behind the closet and hard to get to, how can I connect my TriVOX VN100 to the wall jack?
You can purchase the In-Line coupler from any local phone accessory store. 

11. I would like to connect my computer modem and phone with my one line number. How can I do it?
Plug the Avinta TriNET HN100, USB100 or any other Home Network device's LINE cord to the wall outlet. Then plug the TriVOX VN100ís LINE cord to the PHONE jack on the HN100 device. Plug a telephone into the PHONE+DATA jack on the VN100. Leave the VN100ís DATA jack unused. (See userís manual for diagram)

12. Can TriNET HN100 and TriVOX VN100 use one phone number line?
Yes. Multiple phone and computers can communicate with each other on one phone number within the premise simultaneously. However, an outgoing or incoming call still has a limit due to only one phone number line. You can either be on phone talking to the outside caller, or connected to the Internet with a dial-up connection, but not simultaneously. If you are using DSL for your Internet connection, then you can have incoming and outgoing voice calls simultaneously. With DSL the TriVOX VN100 network functions can be used with outside voice calls while computers are using the Internet.



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