Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How many TriNET HN100 can be installed on one phone number?
Maximum is 25 HN100 installed in 25 PC's. For activity requiring more the 4 computers simultaneously connected to the internet, additional licensing fee required.

2.  What is the maximum distance for the TriNET network?
About 500 ft., more than enough for average house or small office. Unlike wireless NETwork solutions Avinta's NETwork, based on existing phone wires is not affected by appliances, computers, metal walls, and other potential interference factors.

3. Does TriNET support Mac products?
Not at this time

4. Does the TriNET  work with a Cable modem? How do you install with Cable Modem?
Yes. The cable modem has a NIC card plugged into the Server. The HN100 will link with the cable modem via internal bus of the Server.

5. Does TriNET work with a DSL Modem and how does it connect?
Yes. The xDSL modem has a  NIC (NETwork Interface Card) plugged into the Server. The HN100 will link with the xDSL modem via internal bus of the Server.

6. Can the HN100 support a laptop?
Our TriNET USB version will support laptops with USB ports. It is compatible with other major Home Network brands like Intel's Any Point, Diamond's Home Free, etc.

7. I have a PC with NIC to the Ethernet already. Can I plug in one HN100 to link the home network with my existing Ethernet?
Yes, you need to enter SyGate Manager (Server) -> Tools -> configuration for Network Adapter Settings -> Select the Adapter for Internet or LAN.

8. I have access with 2 different ISP's .  I would like to keep one for networking, the other for my own use. How can I do it?
You need to go to the SyGate management screen and click off the red rectangular  icon ( Stop Service) in the upper left corner. Then connect on the other ISP which is not installed under SyGate.

9.  Does Internet sharing work with AOL?
Yes with the latest 4.0 version or newer. You can download it from AOL.

10. I am adding the third PC in my network and I have 2 PCs networked through 2 TriNET HN100 modules. What should I do now?
Avinta has single modules of both the PCI Card (HN100) and the USB Adapter (USB100) available to just add a computer to the network. Contact Avinta Sales department for details on how to order.

11. Does the TriNET USB100 module work with the TriNET HN100 PCI Card?

12. I experienced some "Unexplained Dial-Out" at Server or Client PC. 
What happened?

This problem appears occasionally in the PC when you’re running two or more Internet applications at the same time. Sometimes shutting down one of the Internet applications may cause the interface to appear on the screen and dial out to the Internet. If this happens, click "Hang Up" and dialing will stop To prevent the problem altogether, exit your Internet applications before hanging up the Internet connection.

13. I would like to uninstall the Network software manually. How can I do it?
You can do it by:          1. Uninstall SyGate.
                                   2. Remove Driver.
                                   3. Run UNINSTALL.BAT

14. I am getting IRQ conflict error from my PC. What should I do?
The most common and confusing issue is Interrupt IRQ conflicts. Check for available Interrupts ( IRQ 11, 5, 10, 3 or 9 are the sequence that the HN100 card will be searching for ):

     A. Free the unused interrupts that are occupied by previously installed but no longer used applications.

     B. On the other hand, if conflict is found between an existing application and the new HN100 card, the IRQ resources may be marked "unavailable" in the CMOS BIOS prior to installing HN100 card to prevent the HN100 card from competing for the same IRQ. The procedure for the above is similar but varies among different PCs. Please follow your PC  hardware manual to perform these. If you are not familiar with the procedures, ask your PC supplier to clarify these for you.

15. My PC shows the error message as "DMA conflict". What should I do?
If you encounter this situation, it may be resolved by using a newer version of BIOS for your PC. Check with your PC hardware supplier for this. In some cases, you may be able to download the latest copy directly from manufacturer's Web Site.

16. My "Network Neighborhood" sometimes can't reflect the actual situation. What happened and how can I take care it?

PC's "Network Neighborhood" status information update may be rather slow and not necessarily reflect the current network configuration. This may occur even after " View Refresh " and receiving an error message, when attempting to contact a physically disconnected PC. SyGate Manager's network status report is generally fairly up to date (about 2 seconds for connection and 7 seconds for disconnection in the interconnect configuration change) in this respect. However, this is not always true. Sometimes the SyGate Manager may also appear to be rather unresponsive.                                                               

17. My originally working network appears to be disrupted. Network Neighborhood and Windows Explorer can not find the other PCs on the network. What do I do? 
    A. Do not to disturb the hardware (such as checking cabling or removing HN100 plug-in cards) unless it is obviously disconnected.

    B. Exit SyGate Manager on all PCs. Then, start SyGate Manager on Server. Stop and then Start SyGate Manager, followed by starting Client PC's SyGate Managers. This may restore the networking. If this does not work, see "C".

    C. Try to "Restart" Windows then start SyGate Managers like in  "B". If the system was not "badly disturbed", these two procedures may recover the networking. If the situation is rather severe, Power down the PCs then on again, one by one starting from the Server.

    D. If the problem persists you may need to uninstall and then reinstall the Sygate network software.                                                                           

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