A.    This file, originated as an attachment to Avinta's Wht_Ppr3.DOC, contains a collection of off-the-shelf products that link one of the HES (Home Electronic System) related transmission network Media (WAN, HAN & PAN, listed in Rows) to one of the candidate GL (Gateway Link) Protocols (EtherNet, USB, WireLess, HomePNA, InfraRed, FireWire, etc. listed in columns).
B.    Due to the multiplicity of available products for the same function, each cell at the intersection of a row and a column in Sheet 1 is HyperLinked to an expanded "linear" list of similar products in Sheet 2. This database structure allows accumulating un-restricted number (& un-correlated to other groups) of entries for each case. 
C.    The "Description" column in Sheet 2 provides further HyperLink to the Web for more details. Attempt has been made to use manufacturer's data sheet as the first preference. Although, some information are less formal at this moment, so that we can present as many candidate combinations as possible. As this file becomes more populated, we can tighten the criteria to be sure that all information is directly from the product's maker. 
D.    The "By" column in Sheet 2 provides a HyperLink to Sheet 3 that lists the contributor of the particular entry for source verification and follow-up discussion.
E.    Most of the products listed in the current file are technically HBs (Half Bridges) or simply NAs (Network Adapters). Because both sides of these devices are transporting data with TCP/IP, however, they already provide the basic HG functions.
F.    When Common Language (such as DCTP-Data and Control Transfer Protocol, Taxonomy & Lexicon) is applied to GL, the HBs can be upgraded to serve HG functions with translations of commands at the application level, etc.
SOHO Networks Interconnecting HalfGate
                               GL (Protocol)                                             xAN (Medium)                                                        EtherNet USB WireLess HomePNA InfraRed FireWire
10/100Mbps USB1 USB2 802.11b HomePNA2 HomePNA3 IrDA1.1 IEEE1394a
  DOCSIS1.1 Thomson RCA     DCM 105 Thomson RCA   DCM245R G3W1 Hitron                          BWG-3511 Kit Motorola     SBG1000 G8W1 G6W1 Samsung       DCB-A504D
  DOCSIS2.0 Motorola SurfBoard SB5100 G2W2 Motorola SurfBoard SB5100 G4W2 G5W2 G8W2 G6W2 G7W2
  ISDN 3Com            3C892AUS Askey                      TAS401E G3W3 G4W3 G5W3 G8W3 G6W3 G7W3
  Optical IMC Networks Access EtherLinx/4 ATL Telecom          AM20480 G3W4 G4W4 G5W4 G8W4 G6W4 G7W4
  Satellite Adc Kentrox      Satellite 651 SCIWorx                      DVBox 300 G3W5 ----- G5W5 G8W5 G6W5 G7W5
  Wireless Local Loop CWT I-WLL                       T-EB G2W6 G3W6 ----- G5W6 G8W6 G6W6 G7W6
  ADSL1 Efficient        SpeedStream 5360 Efficient                            6200 G3W7 D-Link                            DSL-604+ Westell                2460  G8W7 G6W7 G7W7
  ADSL2 Westell                     6110 G2W8 Westell                     6110 G4W8 G5W8 G8W8 G6W8 G7W8
  HomePNA2 LinkSys             HPRO200 LinkSys              USB200HA G3H1 2Wire                         Home Portal 1000 G5H1 G8H1 G6H1 G7H1
  HomePNA3 (Coax) SendTek CET-330 G2H8 SendTek CUA-300 G4H8 G5H8 G8H8 G6H8 G7H8
  HomePNA3 (Phone) SendTek PET-320 G2H9 SendTek PUA-310 G4H9 G5H9 G8H9 G6H9 G7H9
  HomePlug Phonex                     QX201 LinkSys                   PLUSB10 G3H2 Siemens SpeedStream 2524 G5H2 G8H2 G6H2 G7H2
  LonWorks Echelon i.LON 10 72010 & 72011 ----- ----- ----- ----- G8H3 ----- -----
  X-10 PIC                            X10 Web Server SmartHome PowerLinc USB 1132U G3H4 G4H4 G5H4 G8H4 G6H4 G7H4
  802.11a D-Link                     DWL-7000AP G2H5 Broadcom               (Ref. Design) ----- G5H5 G8H5 G6H5 G7H5
  802.11b D-Link       DWL900AP+ Origo                                    WLL-1600 G3H6 ----- G5H6 G8H6 Clarinet ESB3011b G7H6
  802.11g D-Link                     DWL-7000AP G2H7 D-Link                         DWL-G120 ----- G5H7 G8H7 G6H7 G7H7
  10/100Mbps Asante       FriendlyNET FR1004 L-com                                    UE 9500 IOGear          GUC210T G4P1 2Wire                         Home Portal 1000 SendTek               PET-320 Clarinet ESB301 Zayante / Apple    Zbox
IrDA 1.1 Compex               iRE201 ACTiSYS                                IR 4000US Texas Instrument TUSB3410 G4P2 G5P2 G8P1 ----- G7P2
  IEEE1394a Zayante / Apple    Zbox G2P3 Belkin                   F5U508 (PCI Card) G4P3 G5P3 G8P3 G6P3 -----
  BlueTooth 1.1 Ubicom               IP2022 D-Link                                 DBT-120 G3P4 ----- G5P4 G8P4 G6P4 G7P4
  Centronics NetGear              PS101 G2P5 G3P5 G4P5 G5P5 G8P5 G6P5 G7P5
  SCSI G1P7 G2P7 G3P7 G4P7 G5P7 G8P7 G6P7 G7P7
  RS-232,422,485 Rabbit Semiconductor    RCM3010 G2P6 Texas Instrument TUSB3410 G4P6 G5P6 G8P6 G6P6 G7P6