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Founded in the Silicon Valley in January 1999, Avinta Communications Inc. is a systems engineering company that designs technology to be incorporated into control chips and chipsets for use in networking telephones and computers in small offices and residences.

Avinta invents, designs, and markets licenses for integrated circuit based technologies that enhance voice and data networking products. Contrary to products developed by the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) approach, AvintaNET products are uniquely focused on implementing the network intelligence into Plain Old Telephone Sets (POTS), based on Telephony Computer Integration (TCI) technology. The resulting PETS (Plain Enhanced Telephone Set) becomes the focal point of network access.

Avinta's basic technology provides distributed Private Automatic Branch eXchange (dPABX) features for use with current and new telephone equipment. AvintaNET voice network features include intercom, transfer, and conferencing among PETS. AvintaNET technology is based on a peer-to-peer architecture that is plug-and-play via phone jacks and wiring already installed in homes and offices.

Avinta has US Patents in the field of distributed PABX architecture for voice networking and Patents Pending in the field of integration of voice with data networking. These foundation Patents have allowed Avinta's technology to evolve and enable networking of multiple phones and computers using existing phone wiring. Data networking and voice networking occur simultaneously on the same medium, allowing computer devices to transfer data for collaboration, while telephone extension users converse.

AvintaNET technology enhances the consumer use of broadband services (DSL, Cable, Wireless, Optical, etc.). The evolution of Avinta's technology will create interfaces that enhance the use of Voice over DSL (VoDSL), Voice over IP (VoIP), Multi-Media services, Security systems and Home Automation applications. AvintaNET uses the merged dPABX and Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA) technology, centered in the telephone set, as an example of the many LAN technologies (PowerLine, Infrared, Wireless, etc.) that can be similarly enhanced.

Avinta Communications Inc. world headquarters is located in Sunnyvale CA, with branch sales and manufacturing operations in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Avinta Communications Inc. is a closely held private US Corporation.

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